Derived from the word Benin for people living in and around Benin City, in Edo State. People were living in and around Benin City, are gradually accepting the word BINI, as descriptive of their clan. Otherwise, they prefer to be called EDO.


They the immediate neighbour to the north are people living in around Irrua, Orhodua, Uromi, Ubiaja, Ewu, Ewatto, Igueben and the almighty Evbohimwin (Ewohimi))" the city by the big river " or " the city of Ikhimwin trees " etc.


They are known as IVBIOSAKON by those living in and around Benin City to the north of Ishan/Esan clan. The Afemai people occupy the northern part of Edo State with its headquarters in Agenebode

 who have a common language, with some different variants, depending on the distance between the group and the ” tap root, ” resident in and around the present-day Benin City. In short, the land, the political state, the people, tribe, language and the principal city. Benin City is called EDO.

His Royal Majesty, Oba of Great Benin Kingdom

Omo N'Oba N'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Ewuare II

Professor Adeghe Ralph Igbinosa

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Igbinedion University Okada

Benjamin Omoigui

Publicity Secretary

Frederick Ekhorutomwen

France Coordinator


Preserving our cultural heritage.









The Edo people are the original people and founders of the Benin Kingdom. The kingdom of Benin began in the 900s when the Edo people settled in the rainforests in West Africa. By the 14th and 15th centuries, they strengthened the empire and created a wealthy kingdom with a powerful ruler, known as the Oba.

Benin City and its surrounding urban areas and villages were protected by great walls, what historians have described being one of the most significant earthworks completed before the existence of advanced mechanics, a source claimed that this wall was allegedly four times longer than the Great Wall of China

The Benin Kingdom is an empire located in West Africa along the Niger River stretching from the Niger Delta to the Atlantic Ocean. The Benin Kingdom is the largest of the West African kingdoms. It is a home to more than 48.1 million inhabitants, the majority of which belong to the Edo ethnic group of the Niger Delta. The Benin nation itself spans a total of 2,209,450 km2 (853,073 sq mi) as of 1490. Establish in 1180, Benin was founded by the Ogisos and grew to become one of the eldest and most developed states in the Niger Delta region, as well as boasting one of the most advanced societies south of the Sahara Desert. The nation became a genuinely unified empire under Oba Ewuare in 1413, following the death of his father, Orobiru.

Extensive trade and exploration of the surrounding regions, as well as the development of scientific pursuits and the arts in Benin, have since become priorities of the imperial government, seeking to expand the influence of Benin well beyond its borders. The Benin Kingdom cannot be accredited to one Oba that rules the kingdom, but a collection of Obas who strengthened the empire at different times through their unparallel leadership wisdom.

What came to be known, as the Benin kingdom did not being its existence as a kingdom in the sense of it being headed by a king or a traditional ruler, as it is known today. It began as a conglomeration of villages, each of which was led by the oldest man in the community who is referred to as the Odionwere or village head. As time went on, these villages united for security against external aggression or for commerce, and the most powerful of the older adults was said to have automatically assumed the supreme headship, which eventually metamorphosed into what was known as king or Oba in Edo language.

Omo N’ Oba Erediauwa in his lecture on the evolution of traditional rulership in Nigeria. Given under the auspices of the University of Ibadan, Institute of Africa studies on 11th September 1984 said that in Benin, the first to emerge as such a leader almost immediately assumed the position of a king, for by the wisdom he was described as being from heaven {Oyevbegie No Riso. This is the origin of the title Ogiso which came to be the title of the earliest Benin kings, before the advent of Oronmiyan.

There were 31 Ogisos. Even though some historians think that the Ogiso era began about the year 900 yet the age of the Edo people’s settlement in the kingdom is over 6000 years. Judging from the long history of the people, it is reasonable to suggest that the development of their kingship is much longer than the 900 AD. The much-revered position of the Benin Monarchy tends to indicate that the people found themselves inseparable from their monarchy, which is regarded as the embodiment of custom and culture. The long existences of their king make it unintelligible as to who came first, the people or the king? Thus it is the belief of the Edo people the God sent them to the world along with their kings. Kings are therefore assumed to be born and not created, “Aise Agbon Rio Oba”. Coming back to the Ogisos, We have thirty-one of them who have been named as follows: –


1. Igodo (or Obagodo)

12. Iredia

23. Oriagba

2. Ere

13. Etebewe

24. Odoligie

3. Orire

14. Odion

25. Uwa

4. Odia

15. Imarhan

26. Eheneden

5. Ighido

16. Orria

27. Ohuede

6. Evbobo

17. Emore {female}

28. Oduwa

7. Ogbeide

18. Orrorio {female}

29. Obioye

8. Emenhen

19. Irrebo

30. Arigho

9. Akhuankhuan

20. Ogbomo

31. Owodo

10. Ekpigho

21. Agbonzeke


11. Efeseke

22. Ediae


The last Ogiso (Owodo) brought a lot of stresses and hardship on the nation he was incompetent. He more or less fell back to the habit of not summoning the state council meeting unless there was trouble. He was preoccupied with the primogeniture law especially as he had only one son who he thought might die before him which might leave him without a successor. This obsession drove him to consult the oracle as to how he might have more male Children who might succeed him. In the end, the tragic episode of Ikaladerhan’s banishment came into our history. However, Ikaladerhan by a change of fortune eventually emerged at Uhe (or Ife) as a king with the appellation Ododuwa derived from the Benin word “Imaghidoduwa or Imadoduwa” which is an exclamatory word “I have not missed the path to prosperity” a reminiscence of his surprise at his emerging as a king in a strange land after having left as a refugee.

Derived from the word Benin for people living in and around Benin City, in Edo State. People were living in and around Benin City, are gradually accepting the word BINI, as descriptive of their clan. Otherwise, they prefer to be called EDO.

The immediate neighbour to the north are people living in around Irrua, Orhodua, Uromi, Ubiaja, Ewu, Ewatto, Igueben and the almighty Evbohimwin (Ewohimi))” the city by the big river ” or ” the city of Ikhimwin trees ” etc. ESAN/Ishan occupies the central part of Edo State. The Esan land is made up of thirty-four kingdoms, which are ruled by different monarchs. The Esan land is a flat landscape, which is suitable for agriculture. The Igbabonelimhin cultural dance is synonymous with the Esan people.

This is known as IVBIOSAKON by those living in and around Benin City to the north of Ishan/Esan clan. The Afemai people occupy the northern part of Edo State with its headquarters in Agenebode. They are believed to have migrated from Benin during the reign of Oba Eware. Afemai is made up of different kingdoms and clans which have their traditional institutions and rulers.

They are based in Igarra, Ibillo and its environs to the north of Afemais.

Occupying Eme, Sabogida-Ora, Afuze, etc. Uhobe (SOBE) and Ifon in Ondo State. The Owan and Ora people trace their history to Oba Ozolua who ruled them when he was still a Prince. The Oras are called the children of Ozolua. They are in charge of propitiating the physical earth and are responsible for exorcising any harm that might come upon the Edo land as a result of a violation of sexual or other taboos.

They are situated East of Benin. A sizeable chunk of the Edo speaking people flow across River Niger and ending at ONITSHA

About 70% per cent of western Izon (Ijaws) in Ndegeni and its environs. A sizeable chunk of the Edos is found in the River States and the Balyesa States, e.g. Ogba land and Diobu, Port Harcourt.

The Edos who conquered and settled far away lands like Dahomey, Togo and Ghana. The Edo language is part of the Kwa-Niger group of languages according to Linguist. These people have lived where they are now for ” Thousands of years.” The monarchy centred in Benin City is about 6000 years old, including pre-ogiso and Ogiso era of history. All the clans had various functions, which they perform at the palace. For example, the Ishan’s/Esans were principally the medicine men and warriors of the ancient empire. They were the medical practitioners. The chieftaincy groups responsible for the Oba’s well being are dominated by Ishan/Esan descendants. The Ivbiosakon (Afemais) was the dental surgeon of the palace. That is the origin of the name IVBIOSAKON. Oba Esigie assigned that function to them in the c1500’s.

These people were the propitiators of the physical earth for the Oba of Benin. It was their responsibility to prevent things like earthquake, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and anything associated with geological disturbance to occur in Benin. In short, they were the geologists and weathermen of their day, forecasting and preventing physical calamities. Those we call BINIS today, were the traditional bureaucratic administrators and military generals. The Izons (Ijaws) were the ” OZIGUE” -SAILORS The Ekas were farmers. They were in charge of the royal farms.

Those two caves are located near Fugar in Etsako Central Local Government Area. They are prehistoric and are believed to have been the bode of a community of early men. Edegbake, the smaller of the two, can conveniently accommodate 50 persons while Oghodoghodo has a capacity for 200 persons. A slow-flowing stream runs through Edegbake and there is the prospect for amateur fishing, excursions and more.

Located in a sacred grove between Ukhuse-oke and Ukhuseosi in lulehe clan of Owan west local government area, very distinct footprints of a prehistoric giant are permanently embedded on the flat granite rocks it is believed that the footprints were made when the world was still in its molten state. It presents a challenge for archaeologists and anthropologist.

Footprints of various species of animals are embedded a flat granite stab that confounds all imaginations. Legend has it that the footprints were imprinted during the formative stages of the planet earth. The footprints are very detailed and like the ones in Ukhuse Oke, will require an extensive archaeological or anthological research. Ivbiodohen

These caves also know in the local parlance as Igodo, are located in the heartland of Edegbe village, which lies between Ivioghe and Iviukwe towns in Etsako East Local Government Area. The Anagwa stream flows through the basement of the caves. The caves play a significant role in the initiation rituals for the age-grade members of the community.

This takes the pre-eminence among festivals celebrated in the state. The most colourful and paramount importance to the people of Benin is celebrated every December by the reigning Oba and his subjects to marks the end of Benin’s year and to usher in the new year and as a thanksgiving for the outgoing one. The Igue festival attracts visitors from across Nigeria and abroad, this is celebrated annually during the ancient time in September. Oba Akenzua II moved it to December to coincide with other series of festivals. No one can say the exact date or when it began. But tradition says that when the ancient Benin man became conscious of his creator and his success in his undertaking, he thanks his head and god. He believed that his head led him through the successful adventures of the year. When Oba Ewuare The great {1440-1473} came to the throne, he made much innovation into Igue festival because of the terrible experience he had in his early life, before he was crowned the Oba of Benin

Most of the Festivals have yearly cycles and are open to general viewing and sometimes, participation some other like the Obazu festival held among the Aomas of luleha in Owan West Local Government Area the state is strictly restricted to the men folks.

This holds annually between December and January in Ewossa, Ewohimi, Ewatto, Ebelle and Ogwa. It is celebrated to appease the gods to bring prosperity.

In Ihievbe, Owan Local Government Area, Iko Festival is held from November to February to initiate girls into womanhood. In Ozalla, Ivbamen festival is held in April to initiate boys into manhood; similarly, Irhua is celebrated in Auchi, every two years to initiate youths into manhood. The masquerades in Edo state are generally believed to be the earthly representative of some celestial gods, goddesses or ancestors. Masquerades like the Igbabonelimi of Esanland are very popular social entertainers whose secrets and working are only known to initiates who are sworn to the utmost secrecy. Many masquerades are linked to traditional festivals, while others are merely social and have no ritualistic backgrounds or undertones.

The Name of the organisation is ‘’ORGANISATION OF GREAT BENIN KINGDOM WORLDWIDE” (hereby called OGBK Worldwide).

The Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide (from now on called OGBK WORLDWIDE) does make and enact a constitution to govern and regulate the activities of the organisation on the principle of justice and equality.

The language of OGBK organisation shall be Edo Language and all other languages in the Great Benin Kingdom, including Pidgin English and English language. Edo language shall be in written and spoken in OGBK Edo Language Forum. Other languages in the Great Benin Kingdom as well shall be in written and spoken in such language forum as the case may be. All business and office of OGBK shall be conducted in the English language and Pidgin English.

  • To unite all the indigenes of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide.
  • To promote and showcase our Great Benin cultural heritage
  • To educate and impact the Edo language and cultural studies, respect for our custom and elders in our society
  • To promote good relationship and integration into our immediate society by fostering the spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding by working with all other Associations to achieve a common goal
  • To contribute to the development and the general well being of Great Benin Kingdom as well as our immediate society.
  • To serves, protect and defend the Benin Kingdom by preserving and retaining our heroes’ works
  • To render charity and humanitarian support to desiring organization or group in the Great Benin Kingdom and worldwide
  • To achieve all, members to attend meetings and seminars, donate voluntarily, raise fund, and organize cultural events and art show

Membership of the organization shall be open and limited to the person:

  1. Who is by birth, or associates with the Great Benin Kingdom
  2. Who registered with the Great Benin Kingdom organization, and pay the membership fees and dues as prescribed by the organisation
  3. Such person referred to, must accept the aims and objectives of OGBK.

Registration of Membership

To be a registered member of OGBK, you are required to:

  1. Fill the OGBK registration form online or PDF format and submit 
  2. Accept the aims and objectives of OGBK

Note: There shall be a probation period of six months for a member to become qualified for membership rights. You must register to keep the hope and the culture of the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom alive.

Withdrawal of Membership

  1. Any member who wishes to withdraw its membership of the organization shall inform the OGBK of his/her intention in writing
  2. The letter shall include the reason/s of the withdrawal
  3. He/she shall give OGBK one (1) month notice to allow the executives to fill his/her position, and or look into the issue concerning the withdrawal as it maybe

Member’s Rights

These are benefits enjoyed by the member(s) of the organization, protected by our rules and regulations as its constitutionally defined.

  1. Every member shall have the right to vote and be voted for in any of the organization executives’ election, provided that person is a financial member of OGBK
  2. Every member has the rights to express his/her feelings, or opinion verbally in any matter arising in the organization
  3. Every member has the right to move a motion; such could be in writing addressed to the president/secretary of OGBK or could be made verbally to the executive council  
  4. Member has the rights to participate in the execution of organization projects and engagements, provided the person to cooperate with OGBK policies.
  5. Member can be OGBK agent or partnership in an event, and arts innovation provided such person agrees with the OGBK rules and regulations.
  6. OGBK will not accept any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination; therefore every member is responsible enough to maintain excellent and free discussion within and outside the organization to embrace the dignity of the organization
  7. Under no circumstances should members transact any business in the name of the OGBK without appropriate consent of the organization.

In order to promote the morale and well being of the organization ensuring its continuous existence, all members are obliged to: 

  1. Carry out the duties that might be assigned to he/she in the interest of the organization.
  2. Pay dues and other contributions as the executives may specify.
  3. Promote the aims and objectives of the organization; condemn all forms of discrimination, (based on sex, religion or otherwise against others freedom) insults or bullying.

Attend to group chats, meetings/seminars and events organized by OGBK or when invited.



OGBK funds shall be raised through the following means: 

  1. Members Dues 
  2. Levies  
  3. Donations 
  4. Fundraising



OGBK shall maintain a Bank Account with a recognised financial institution in the Republic of Ireland, France and Nigeria

  1. The signatories to OGBK account shall be any two, three or all of the following people: the President, General Secretary, Financial Secretary or Treasurer and the coordinator in the country of Bank 
  2. All monies of the organisation shall be deposited in OGBK account within two working days of receipt        


In the absence of the treasurer and financial secretary, OGBK can appoint external auditors to audit the financial books of the organisation when necessary.  


Money can only be withdrawn from the organisation account on approval of the executives. 

  1. Money or monies can only be spent only when a budget is presented and approved at the executives’ council
  2. Any expenditure shall be receipted for 

The Organization shall consist of the following bodies:

  1. Executives Platform 
  2. Members Platform
  3. Coordinators – Country’s organizer
  4. Worldwide Platform
  5. Project Committee
  6. Special Committee
  7. Nigeria Platform 
  8. Language’s Platform

Executives Platform: 

The function of the executive council shall be; 

1 To arrange, plan and execute forum with all OGBK bodies.

2 To keep the spirit, the dream and the vision of OGBK moving 

3 To hold on to the aims and objectives of OGBK

4 To contribute ideas and time toward the existence of OGBK

5 To approve the dismissal or suspension of a member or an executive member on disciplinary measures

6 To approve and decides issues, activities and event of OGBK

The executives’ council is the braves behind OGBK,   

Members Platform – General Forum

The supreme organs of OGBK shall be the General forum and shall have the following functions:

  1. To approve rules and bye-laws to be presented to it by the executive committee
  2. To ratify or suspend the constitution and approve amendment thereof
  3. To agree on the payable amount of membership fees, and other levies to be recommended by the executive committee
  4. To be informed about the annual report by the president/treasurer, and the President and the executive committee annual plan ahead
  5. To set up a special committee for a particular assignment

The President is the head of the executives, he or she must be pro-active, prepare to serve OGBK with good faith, sincerity and love. 

Coordinators – Country’s Organizer

Each country shall have a coordinator to enable OGBK function accordantly in all country. They shall appoint the executive’s body such as the secretary, treasurer, financial secretary, public relation officer and media director. These five officers in the region shall automatically be qualifying members of the executives’ council. They shall organize and coordinate meetings and events in their area, invite and report to OGBK worldwide executives council.

Worldwide Platform – Members worldwide

All indigenes of Great Benin Kingdom are welcome to OGBK Worldwide forum. The principal functions of the worldwide platform shall be for discussions, ideas sharing, and to regulate and register participants that are committed into OGBK members’ forum.

Project Committee 

OGBK executive council shall set up a project committee to work with the Director of Project/ Project manager. 

  1. The project committee shall overseer all OGBK projects
  2. The duties/duration of the project committee shall expire every three years (3yrs) executive tenure 

Special Committee

A special committee might be set up for any of the following reasons/purposes:

1 To organize OGBK events, seminars and all other shows

2 To resolve issues and conflict within or outside the Organization

3 For other emergency matters

The committee expires/dissolved as soon as the event/purpose is completed

The executive members’ forum shall hold meetings at all time, any days. But any issue’s that deserves the opinions and vote of every OGBK members, the secretary, and or publicity secretary shall give notification stating the date, the time and the agenda for discussion a week before the vote.

Decision Making 

The executives’ council must approve all decisions, and the executive’s decisions are final in all matters. In making a decision, a simple majority shall adopt resolution and decision in the executive members’ forum when a matter put to the vote.

Who can represent OGBK?

Four or two members of the executive can represent or act on behalf of the Organization provided that two of them are:

  1. The President, the General Secretary, the Public Relation Officer and the Country Coordinator  

The President/ Secretary can also delegate individuals of two to four, or group of people to represent or act on behalf of OGBK.

In order to ensure smooth running and strong adherence of the organisation, there shall be executive bodies to take charges of the administration of the organisation. And the duties of the administrative bodies shall expire after three years (3yrs).

Eligibility of Officers

Persons vying for the executive position’s must be from the Great Benin Kingdom and must be honest and hardworking, He or she must apply for the job he/she intend, and election shall be conducted to that effect to elect whoever that is suitable for the position. And the person must be a registered and financial member of OGBK for one year. 

The executive bodies (offices) to run the organisation are:   

  1. President.
  2. Vice President.
  3. General Secretary.
  4. Assistant Secretary.
  5. Public Relation Officer (P R O.)
  6. Coordinators
  7. Financial Secretary.
  8. Treasurer.
  9. Assistant Treasurer
  10. Media director.
  11. Chief Editor
  12. Director 
  13. Director of Arts and Culture
  14. Cultural leader
  15. Event Director.
  16. Event Manager.
  17. Arts Innovation and Sport Manager
  18. Director of Linguistic 
  19. Legal adviser
  20. Director of Projects
  21. Project Manager 
  22. Welfare Officers
  23. Women Leader

The duties of each one of the executives of Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom shall be as follows:


The President is the head of OGBK worldwide; he/she is the head of the executive bodies and the general forum worldwide.

  1. He/ she is to be accountable and responsible for the running of the organisation
  2. To supervise the activities of the executive’s forums and the organisation at large
  3. Summon emergency meetings when necessary, with the consent of at least fifty (50%) per cent of the members of the executives.
  4. Have the power to nominate a person to an office base on the person creditability and OGBK recruitment criteria.
  5. The President should preside over all meetings of the organisation.
  6. The President concludes deliberation if the house cannot resolve the subject matter appropriately
  7. The President encourages member or members to ensure that there is the continued existence of the organisation
  8. To present a report of activities, and the budget ahead at the end of each calendar year.
  9. The President should not be too hard or too liberal but must be brave and be morally discipline

He/she shall represent the organisation in both judiciaries and outside Judiciary.

Vice President

The vice president is a consultant/adviser to the President.

  1. He/she shall perform such duty or duties delegated to him/her by the President 
  2. The vice president shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence
  3. Shall have the right to succeed the President in the event of his/her resignation, or suspension or when the post of the President becomes vacant by any other reason

Note: Where the President refuses, or fails to call a meeting following the provisions in the constitution, the Secretary-General shall by the request of the Vice President; with the agreement of 50% members of OGBK can summon a meeting.    

General Secretary:

The General Secretary shall be responsible for the daily operation of the OGBK secretariat, he/she co-ordinate and organize activities and events, and keeps all records. 

  1. The Secretary shall be the chief scribe of OGBK. He/She shall take the minutes of the meetings, keep the minute records, write and respond to correspondence on behalf of the organization 
  2. Send notifications and arrange meetings of the executives and the general forum worldwide, co-ordinate meeting’s to ensure good discussion and deliberations are meet 
  3. He/she is in charge of the organization emails and website. All OGBK info/publications shall be approving by the secretariat

He/she shall represent the organization in both judiciaries and outside Judiciary.

Assistant Secretary.

  1. Shall perform the duties of the G. Secretary in his/her absence
  2. Shall assist the G. Secretary in carrying out his/her duties  

All country coordinators shall be in charge of their respective regional activities. Depending on the number of members in that country, they shall have their Secretary, Financial Secretary, public relation officer and media director. They shall organize and co-ordinate OGBK meetings and events in their region and report all affairs to OGBK Executive Council.

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary should be honest, reliable and regular at meetings; this person works inline with the treasurer at all time.

  1. He/she shall be responsible for keeping a record of all financial transaction of the organization 
  2. Shall collect membership fees, dues, levies and other payments to OGBK as well as providing the payees with the appropriate receipts
  3. Operates the organization Bank Account, deposit all money into the organization account, and maintain a regular account record of the organization
  4. Present financial report to the organization at the end of each calendar year, and a copy of the financial statement to be submitted to OGBK secretary for documentation
  5. Provide on request the organization properties, money and other financial accounts in his/her possession when needed.


A person who holds this office must be an individual of integrity without a criminal record. The treasurer is in charge of the treasury of OGBK worldwide.

  1. He keeps and perverse the association remains of materials after functions, and he/she is in charge of the organization keys and properties.
  2. He collects registration/membership fees, dues, levies and other payments to the organization on the absence of the financial Secretary; and provides payees with the appropriate receipts
  3. Above all, the person must provide on request the organization properties in his/her position.

Public Relation Officer – PRO

Should be academically and morally disciplined, sensitive, bright and brave. 

  1. Shall protect the right image of the organization within and outside the organization
  2. Shall be the links between the organization and the public as the case may be, i.e., provides information’s for the organization as well as takes out of the organization
  3. Attend functions as requested by OGBK executive outside the organization provided it is for the interest and benefit of the organization and, a comprehensive report to be submitted to House/secretary for documentation.

He/she shall represent the organization in both Judiciary and outside Judiciary

Director of Media 

This office is the image presenter of the organisation.

  1. He/she manages the information’s, images or video and all other organisation media activities concerning OGBK.
  2. Be in charge of the OGBK publications and news. Manage Facebook and website alongside with the General Secretary.

Arrange press conferences, as he/she will be directed by the organisation President/ General Secretary.

Publicity Secretary 

He/she shall see to the smooth and peaceful proceeding of the meetings/functions

  • Shall respond to the message from the president and general secretary provided it’s for the interest of the association.
  • Constitutional have the right to select any member of the house to assist him/her given enhancing the function above.
  • To ensure the arrangement of event/seats and every other thing before the commencement of the meeting/function is to oversee.
  • To ensure he/she inform members of the message as directed by the president and the general secretary as the case may be.

Director of Arts Innovation and Sport

He/she shall be in charge of searching for talent, innovation and sports activities. He shall organise competition and event in these fields. He/she shall ensure that OGBK is represented in these categories and all other innovation projects. 

Welfare Officer:

The Welfare Officer shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Shall ensure that all functions are appropriately conducted, and protocol observed.
  2. Shall ensure that meetings/ conference and all other venues are appropriately set.

Events Director

The Event Director shall: 

  1. Plans and executes events. 
  2. He/she shall inform OGBK all that is involved organising an event in a particular season and a specific time. 

Chief Whip: 

Shall work with the president and the secretary

  • To ensure orderliness during meetings, functions and other activities as the case may be. 
  • Control meeting/conference by ensuring no one bull another person, no fights and no quarrel arise during discussions.


  1. Organise and present the rich cultural heritage of our Great Benin Kingdom. 
  2. Work with members and others to perform the cultural shows, festivals of arts and culture worldwide as the case may be. 
  3. With the scope of OGBK, be present at all time when the cultural event is needed.

Director of projects 

  • The Director of the project shall be in charge of all of our project’s planning, working to execute, monitor and supervision OGBK projects worldwide, as the case may be. 
  • Shall work with the project’s team to ensure the project is completed according to OGBK plans and direction.


Shall work with the secretary and media director to ensure all OGBK information’s /publications are well presented.

Proofread and edits all OGBK articles and other news reports before it’s published. 

Nigeria Coordinator

The Executive Council of OGBK worldwide shall appoint the Nigeria coordinator. He/she shall have a secretary, financial secretary, treasurer, cultural leader, women leader, organising and publicity secretary who apply for offices through the coordinator/general secretary to the executive council for confirmation.  

The Coordinator shall be in charge of all respective meetings and activities in Nigeria. He/she shall be the link officer of OGBK Nigeria /OGBK worldwide Executive Council. The Coordinator and the Nigeria Secretary shall handle all Nigeria meetings correspondence and documents. The Coordinator shall work with the secretary and others to ensure orderliness of OGBK Nigeria meetings and deliberation’s go well, and forward all meetings minutes to the Executive General Secretary.

The Coordinator registers members and furnishes OGBK Executive Council, General Secretary with all information’s in hard copy, photos, DVD or others as the case may be.


Executive offices and elections to be suggested by members of the house and voted with the single majority including the position of the President and all other offices. Any OGBK executive member, a financial member can present or nominate anyone who he or she feels is best for the President job, the General Secretary job or any other offices available to be voted by the house in a single majority. 

Election of Executives

OGBK shall pick or select three (3) or five (5) members as electoral officers to organise OGBK election. None of the electoral officers’ members must be members of the outgoing executive. The electoral committee board/office shall dissolve immediately after the election.

  1. The election shall be every three years (3yrs)
  2. Any member who has paid his/her dues and other levies without arrears shall be eligible to vote and be voted for
  3. A member can nominate him/herself, or be nominated by another member to contest for office
  4. The candidate must be a dedicated executive member and must have at least been attending seminars, conference meeting up to the time of the election.
  5. Candidates are to be elected by a simple majority vote, by vote and the result announced immediately by the electoral committee

There shall be a maximum of two (2) candidates for each post; therefore, you must forward your interest on time. In case of where more than two (2) candidates are interested in a particular office, the primary election is to be conducted to reduce the numbers to two (2) candidates.

There shall be a maximum of two (2) times, for three (3) years each tenure. 

  • An ex-executive officer can contest again for any other office when nominated after the first term of 3 or 6 years been completed.
  • Should any of the offices become vacant during the period of office, an executive committee (a bye-election) shall be held to fill the vacant office
  • Should any of the executive fails to live up to his responsibilities, he/she could be impeached by a two-thirds majority of the general house
  • All outgoing executive officers shall submit the organisation properties in their possession to the new officers elected into their office.

Note: OGBK calendar year begins from January – December.


A quorum shall be formed in the executive meeting when half of its members are present, provided the president/vice president, and the general secretary or assist secretary is available.  


All decisions, project, event or any activity’s’ must be decided and approve by the general house. The executives shall take decision by consensus or by a simple majority when the matter put to the vote, except when it started in the constitution; a decision taken is to be minutes and signed by the general secretary and the president.

Project Modes and Approval

Projects and expenditure to be suggested must be discussed and approved by a single majority in the general house. Funds are to be voted and approved by single majority vote at the executive council and the general house as the case may be.


All executive members of the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom should entitle to the following benefit/assistance therein.

  1. Member has the rights to participate in the execution of organization projects, and engagements provided the person cooperate with OGBK policies.
  2. Member can be OGBK agent or partnership in organizing event or arts innovation, provided such person/body agrees with the OGBK rules and regulations.
  3. In case of an executive member death, the next of kin shall entitle to a donation to be decided by the executive, and in case the corps is taking home (Nigeria) the organization shall send two (2) or more members to represent OGBK in the burial.

Any member who has not spent up to six (6) months with OGBK shall not receive this benefit/ assistance.

Disciplinary Measures

OGBK has the right to take any of the following measures against any member who do not comply with the rules and regulations of the organization as the case may be.

  1. Nobody has the right to fight or beat any other member during function or at any of the organization gathering/ parties. Any member who does so, and found guilty shall pay a fine to be decided by the house.
  2. Improper behaviour such as insulting, bullying, and shouting in writing or audio during discussion or function is disallowed; defaulter shall pay to be decided by the executives. Whereby the member remains adamant, he or she will be suspended from the organization. 
  3. To maintain and keep the peace during the organization gathering and function, the president has right to send member out of the gathering in the event of improper behaviour or if a person continues to disturb the peace of the gathering.
  4. A member who wilfully disturbs/stops the progress of the organization discussion or function is guilty of sabotage. He/she must receive a warning letter signed by the president and the general secretary approved by the executives. Whereby the member remains adamant, he or she will be dismissed from the organization.
  5. In case a dispute arises among members during discussion or gathering, the matter shall be settle immediately by executives. If not possible, a committee shall be set up to settle the case.
  6. The president of OGBK shall have the power to question an executive officer’s that do not discharge his/her duty on the ground of misconduct or miss-management.
  7. A member can be expelled from the organization on the ground of indiscipline, and immoral behaviours, such as bulling and passing insults on another person, inappropriate adverts/promotional picture’s or video’s on OGBK page’s without OGBK concept. 
  8. If a member expelled from the organization on the ground of indiscipline and immoral behaviours, all the money he/she paid and benefits shall be forfeited.

However, some cases and matters shall be referring to the disciplinary committee for actions, if such an issue cannot be handle by the president/ executives.


The President and any other members of the Executive shall without prejudice to any other provision of this constitution be deemed removed from office when a vote of no confidence passed by the Executives under the following conditions.

  1. Whenever a notice of impeachment for misconduct, malpractice or miss-management signed and supported by (1/3) one-third of the general house is made in writing, or any other form is presented before the president/secretary. And if the president/secretary involved, then any member of the executive council is presented with such notice to the executive council specifying details of the allegations.
  2. The President/Secretary, or if involved, any other member of the Executive shall within (2) days of the receipt of such notice ensure that a copy is served on to such person/holder of the offender/office.
  3. The allegation to be investigated within two weeks by a committee of five members to be nominated by the executive council
  4. The Executive who committed such offence has a right to defend his/herself subject to the provision of this constitution, but stand suspended from the time the notice is read before the house until the matter is resolved or disposed of.
  5. Where the allegations are substantiated, and it is supported by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members of the house, and a properly constituted meeting of members voted to this effect has taken place, The Executive in question will be served a letter of no confidence within one week and, he or she will be removed from the office or dismissed.

Removal of Officer’s

Executive officer’s of the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom shall be removed from office by way of impeachment upon a petition presented to the executive and signed by the chairman of the disciplinary committee, the president and the general secretary of OGBK on any of the following grounds: 

  1. By reasons of inappropriate behaviours, not complying with OGBK rules and regulation
  2. Working contrary to OGBK executive decision and policies.
  3. Insanity 
  4. Financial or office mismanagement.

Constitution Amendment

  1. This constitution or part of it shall be subject to amendment when a motion moved by the general forum or the executive member’s
  2. The action of such as above is put to the vote and receives a two-third of the executives’ members. 

Validity of Constitution

In case part of this constitution becomes meaningless due to alterations in the law, the constitution shall remain, and the spirit thereof as a whole shall remain valid.


The dissolution will occur:

  1. When the organization can no longer achieve or fulfil its aims and objectives, and a two-third majority of the executives support a motion to that effect.
  2. Election of executives shall be deemed dissolved by a 2/3 majority of OGBK members, and if voting was improper and the election was not well conducted, and application or nomination of such candidates does not meet the criteria, or not appointed in the appropriate office  

In case of OGBK dissolution, the organization assets and liabilities shall be liquidated, and the proceeds shall be followed as the case may by.

Legal Advice:

The organization shall have a Legal Adviser. 

OGBK reserves the right to seek legal advice on a variety of matters and act accordingly; as well as seeks the services of its legal adviser for its member issue or problem if necessary.

The Organization / Law:

The President, the General Secretary, the Coordinator and the Public Relation Officer shall represent the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom worldwide in both Judicial and outside Judicial.

The Organization of Great Benin Kingdom otherwise referred to, as OGBK worldwide is an organization made up of men and women whose origins can be traced to the Benin Kingdom in the presentday Edo State of Nigeria. Mr Isaac Igbinosun, Mr Christopher Enogieru, Prince D. O Foster, Mr Friday Efehi Obasuyi and Gloria Aghahowa are the initiators and visionary of OGBK Worldwide. These able realistic people left Great Benin Origin (GBO) to start OGBK on a new ideology. They advocated for the establishment of the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide. They consult prominent sons and daughters of the Great Benin Kingdom worldwide, giving birth to this forum of men and women from the Benin Kingdom. The primary purpose is to foster unity amongst Benin Kingdom sons and daughters home and abroad, promote and protect the interests of the Benin Kingdom worldwide, and contribute to the socioeconomic and cultural advancement of the Benin Kingdom.Six months later, three of the OGBK founders, Prince D.O Foster, Mr Friday Efehi Obasuyi and Ms Gloria Aghahowa, discontinued their membership due to an ownership attitude threat by Mr Isaac Igbinosun, the President. A year later, it became apparent to Mr Christopher Enogieru and OGBK Executives that Mr Isaac Igbinosun intention is to claim the ownership of OGBK worldwide for his family, claiming he founded OGBK with his wife and became autocratic.After much debate with noticeable evidence on the issue, Mr Christopher Enogieru, the founding General Secretary and the overseer executives, advise Mr Isaac Igbinosun to continue on his Family OGBK and Mr Isaac Igbinosun was removed and, he went to create a new OGBK forum. In contrast, Mr Christopher Enogieru, founding Secretary and the executives continue to pilot the vision of OGBK worldwide toward its purpose. Hearing that Mr Isaac Igbinosun eventually removed from OGBK worldwide forum, Mr Friday Efeyi Obasuyi, General Coordinator founding member, and some other executives who left due to Mr Isaac Igbinosun attitude rejoin OGBK to continue their membership and to strengthen OGBK vision till day.